This is the third installment of the Blog titled ‘Divorce New Jersey Style’

Filing for divorce in Somerset County, New Jersey

Before I start this portion of this epic saga, here are a few facts to remember as we go along;

1. I had NINE, (9), “judges”, (including the assignment judge), in my case.
I could not find another case of any kind with that dubious ‘honor’.

2. The case was heard in TWO, (2), counties; Somerset and Hunterdon
I was adamant that I DID NOT want this change of venue, but alas, working people don`t matter !
Mind you this was NOT a criminal case, and I never had a TRIAL !!

3. It took almost SIX, (6), years to conclude !! (Five years, and 11 months)

4. My legal fees, so far, are about $283,000.00 !!
With the appeal it`s guaranteed to go higher !!

5. My family’s legal expenses, so far, are approximately $65,000.00, and they aren`t ‘divorcing’ anybody !!!!!!

It`s worth noting here that in May of 2012, ‘judge’ #1, decided in my favor, insofar as that each litigant was responsible for paying their own ‘legal’ fees.

As we proceed with my experiences you will see how they get around that little “legality”……

And now, on to the story………….

In September of 2011,  I again filed for divorce against my ex-wife.

The attorney I hired ‘quit’, (it was rather mutual), after about six months.

That attorney spent $4500.00 in that short time on two meetings, two letters, maybe four phone calls, and for filing the divorce papers.

Lot of money for so little effort !

Which led me to believe that I could represent myself, for certainly I am 100% right and had the documentation to prove it.

Big mistake…….They, the ‘judges’ and the lawyers, own all the bats, balls and bases, and have NO intention to let YOU play on their field !

Never forget, ‘they’ make the “laws”, for aren`t 98% of the legislators in America lawyers ???

And ‘they’, the “judges”, enforce the laws, and weren`t ‘judges’ all lawyers at one time ?

It`s a closed poker game, working people are only the ‘ante’ !!

In the next chapter I`ll introduce you to how the system works, and ‘judge’ #1……..not by name of course, don`t want to get sued……..

Stay tuned for installment 4, for Divorce New Jersey Style, !

Titled……………”Into the Swamp”


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