On 20 January 2004 a settlement document was sent to my ex wife, (from here on I`ll refer to her as ‘D’), and my self.

During the course of the conversations ‘D’ had with my lawyer, she requested that I pay her health insurance as long as she needed it.

I agreed to that provision, and fully expected ‘D’ to uphold her end of the settlement agreement.

In September of 2004 I received a letter from my attorney advising me that ‘D’ accepted the entire agreement and was going to sign it.

One month later, in October of 2004 she advised my attorney that she was rejecting the offer, no reason was given.

When that happened, my lawyer advised me to ‘table’ the issue for awhile because my ex-wife`s behavior was out of the norm.
Reluctantly, I agreed….What a mistake !…..One of a couple of more I made.

The other gigantic mistake I made was I had previously given my ex wife $35,000.00 in March and April of 2004 when she called me in March of 2004 asking for money again, she asked me once before in November of 2003, and I gave her the amount she asked for on both occasions.

Incidentally, the two checks I gave her, that she asked for in March of 2004, were clearly marked on the front and the back, the first check as part of the settlement, and the second check as “Final installment” of settlement. And yes, she signed both checks by her own admission.

This time around I told her I would not continue to let her pick me clean, so if I gave her what SHE wanted, she could not come to me again but would have to sign the agreement with my lawyer.

As preposterous as this may sound, she said to me “this is all I want, the rest is yours, you worked for it”.

The gigantic mistake I made was not notifying my attorney of what I did, and boy did I pay for that mistake !

After that conversation in March of 2004 I have never spoken another word to her, to this day.

Every other conversation with her was carried on by my attorney(s).

Stay tuned for installment 3, filing for divorce in New Jersey, that`s where the “fun” begins !


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