Who Knew ?


The title of my Blog says it all…….especially if your the family breadwinner.

This is my first of many blogs which I will issue on the subject in the coming weeks and months.

Please be reassured, that what ever facts I write about, I can and have documented. There is no reason for me to lie, embellish, and/or fabricate any of the facts in my blogs, it all happened and is completely true.

First let me emphasize;

1. If you are responsible for minor children, then you are morally obligated to support them.
I have no compassion for any man or woman who shirks that obligation !

2. I have no use for liars and deceivers ……that`s why I am writing this blog.

3. I am not recommending any legal action, nor am I offering any legal advise of any sort.
This narrative is strictly about my divorce and no other.
Hopefully, what I can share with people going through divorce in New Jersey, may spare them the most vile, filthy and corrupt behavior I have ever encountered in my life.

Now I`m going to give you ‘breadwinners of the family’ some sage advise before you even consider filing for divorce;

A. Trust only your self !  NEVER trust a divorce lawyer !

B. Close all your bank accounts, CD`s, Annuities, Insurance policies, and any other financial holdings whatsoever !

C. Remove your name from any financial documents not mentioned.

D. Cash in any IRAs, 401 Ks and any other retirements.
By law very few retirement accounts are safe, i.e.; Social Security, Military retirement funds, and very few others……..do your homework !!

E. Expect NO Honesty and or fairness from any so called “judge”. They are for the most part political hacks who couldn`t make money being a lawyer.
As a group they are about the most arrogant, dishonest, lazy, self righteous creatures you will ever come across in your life ! There may be exceptions, but I haven`t met any.

F. Understand a very important fact of life, divorce is not about you, your spouse and/or your children, it`s all about Money, and how the ‘players’, (of which you are not one of), can steal, shakedown, coerce, frighten, harass, and intimidate out of you !!… It is nothing else.

In a moment of disarmed honesty, I had a lawyer in my employ actually tell me this !
That lawyer went on to say “that it`s a BUSINESS, you give some, your spouse gives some and every body goes home happy ” ! Especially the lawyers, they give nothing, but go home with a lot of your money you gave them !!!

That`s all for now.

My next installment will be a titled ” INNOCENCE”, look for it in a couple of weeks..

Thanks for reading.. :DIVORCE NEW JERSEY STYLE”


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