Protect Us, Destroy Him and His Family.. Part 2


Is there an Honest Cop somewhere ? Anywhere ???

Oh, did I mention, STILL NO TRIAL !!

Allow me to introduce to you “judge” # 4……

If you thought ‘judge’ # 3 was ‘interesting’, # 4 is sure to top it.

I first had the dubious ‘privilege’ of meeting # 4 on 21 July 2014 when I was required to attend a hearing in # 4`s court, well I think it was supposed to be a ‘hearing’. As it turned out, it was a “meeting” in the ‘judge`s’ chambers, and as usual, no victims are allowed into the top secret den.

When my lawyer, remember him, the nice guy from California, came out of the secret meeting he said to me that # 4 was holding me in “contempt”, AND if I didn`t “comply”, “Incarceration” !!….

WOW !!……they lie, cheat deceive, steal, break Federal Statues, violate the U S Constitution, New Jersey Constitution, and I`m going to be “Incarcerated” ???

Sounds more like NAZI Germany, rather than America to me ……

Then there`s the “hearing” of 29 August 2014…

You will recall that farce. ‘Judge’ # 4 wouldn`t give my attorney a weeks delay for him to spend a long planned week with his family because “this has gone on to long” !!

But it did “go on”, for another Three years !!..Here`s the best part; she, #4, was involved for another year…….so much for it “going on to long”……………..

And don`t forget there are still “legal” fees that they have to keep squeezing from working people…………

Back to 29 August………..

The ‘hearing’ was held without my lawyer and me, but with my lawyer`s “competent” boss. You will remember his betrayal from a previous installment..
Also in attendance was a lawyer from Debra`s team.

This was also the “hearing” where Debra`s lawyer Admitted that they had my records, all 4500 pages, albeit, she claimed the records were “theirs”……

Not surprisingly, ‘judge’ # 4 held me in “contempt” again, even though she was now aware that my 4500 pages of financial records were in the hands of Debra`s lawyers, and it was obvious that I had been Complying all along !!!

Didn`t matter to ‘judge’ # 4, the fix was in, and they were going to force me to pay, one way or another !

Also, ‘judge’ # 4 was made aware of, shown, one of the SETTLEMENT checks sent to Debra back in 2004.
Made no difference to her !!!!!!!

And yes, # 4 also violated Sec 207 US Code 407(a), US Code 1408 and US Supreme Court 453US210, just like the ‘judge’ before her……..and I`m the one they want to Jail ????!!

In her, ‘judge’ #4`s, 2 September 2014 order, She plainly stated that my net worth was $711,000,
‘Judge’ #8, in his “judgment” took a GUESS and said I was worth $1,300,000…No kidding !! A GUESS, that`s what #8 based his life destroying “judgment” on…you will read more about #8 the coward later….

A $589,000.00 difference !!!!!! ….No one ever questioned this, not even my lawyer !!

Just a couple of side notes;

1. I attached a letter to #4 dated 21 November 2014, telling her that I had evidence of a forged court document..She completely ignored it!!…why would she ignore such a statement ? !

2. I also attached four Court documents ‘signed’ by, her, ‘judge’ #4………Looks to me like they were signed by FOUR Different people……I DEFY anyone to say different !!!!

3. Now this is just a question, and I definitely AM NOT accusing anybody of anything, it`s just a question;..what went on in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at the lawyer`s conference a couple of years ago ????

4. At my last encounter with #4, in her court room, she obviously knew about the fuss I was making about not having a trial, said to me, “sometimes the outcome of a trial doesn`t come out the way you would like”……….why do you think she would say something like that ???
Because she knew what was being planned for me, that`s why !!!!!

But you already know I NEVER got my trial, and you know the reason why too !!

LUKE 11:46

Be sure to read BLOG 24………” A Life Destroyed by Corruption”







Blog #22…Protect Us, Destroy Him and His Family…..

Now you know SOME of what they are capable of and to what lengths they will go to Steal your money.
If I were to document all of what they did to my family and me, it would take a book of encyclopedic dimensions to tell you everything.

As their evil actions are being exposed, I`m sure you will not believe some of what I`m writing, because some of the things I am going to write about will either leave you in disbelief and/or destroy your faith in law enforcement, politicians, and most definitely, the “Legal” System.

First the ‘ judges’.

What I noticed was that they gross on average, for being a ‘judge’ in Somerset County, and I guess Hunterdon County, is about $185,000……yet most live in some very expensive houses and in some very well to do neighborhoods.

Many had lucrative ‘law’ practices, bringing in a whole lot more money… My question is, why would they take a pay cut to be a “judge” ????

All “judges” are recommended by politicians and appointed by the Governor. In my case, all were either appointed and/or re-appointed by Chris Christie.

‘Judge’ # 1; Made believe he was being “fair” during the hearing, but all the while knew he was going to mislead me, and obviously knew he was not going to let my documentation be allowed as evidence, and lied about not going to make any decision that day.

He also said that the “TRIAL” would take place in 3 years……as you know, it has never happened, and I had SEVEN more “judges” after him !!

He refused Debra`s lawyer to “freeze” my assets on 24 January 2013, for there was no reason to.
But then 4 weeks later, on 22 February 2013, he “froze” my assets !!!
Nothing changed, but the date on the calendar, so WHY did he do it ?? Wanna guess ??

Judge # 2; The only “judge” who made a fair and honest decision in the entire 6 ½ years of my tragedy…..He allowed the widow who trusted me with her finances, to be let out of the case without harm and returned all her money.

Never saw him again…….Interestingly, he was scheduled to preside over three more hearings in my case, but somehow, Strangely, he was always removed beforehand……Hm-m-m….

‘Judge’ # 3; Now here is an ‘interesting’ fellow……
You will remember him, he presided over two hearings where neither I nor my lawyer were notified of !!
You will also remember his court order of 3 February 2014, the one with multiple handwritings on it, scribbling and line outs !! (shown in installment #7). (and attached herewith, Exhb.A)

This is a guy who admitted he was “BAFFLED”, (his word), for the “disappearance” of , are you ready, $1,300,000.00, that I supposedly had !!!!! Believe me, if I had that kind of money, I would have a villa in the beautiful hills of Grottominarda, Italy !!!

This is a ‘judge’ who wanted me, the Plaintiff, to prove a NEGATIVE !!…go figure …

He found another way to BLEED me and my family for more “legal” fees for his pals, and whoever else !

This is the guy, on his order of 9 May 2014, allowed Debra to bring into this divorce case, my daughter, my minor grandchildren, and my 95 year old Mother !

This is the same ‘judge’ who admitted in his “order” of 31 October 2013, (page 2, para`s 2 & 3), that he was violating Federal Statues by withholding three of my social Security Checks and one US Army pension check !!

So who is the criminal here ??.. I told you they are Lawless !!..

Incidentally, as of this date, 1 April 2018, PNC Bank Still has not released my Social Security checks, even in spite of the fact they broke the law themselves, and a court order dated 28 August 2017 to release my checks. !!……again, who is the criminal here ?

Incidentally, this ‘judge’ accepted the “Third Party Complaint” without a signature of the ‘defendant’ in the ‘Certification’ block !! He broke another law !! Don`t matter, “judges” made themselves the new ‘NAZIs’

Is this “judge” stupid, lawless, or is it something else ?????

Read page 7 of his 9 May order, EVERY SINGLE WORD IS A LIE !!

Read page 8 of his 9 May order, EVERY SINGLE WORD IS A LIE !!

There is more on ‘judge’ # 3, much more. For the sake of your sanity, I`ll forgo it ……

Blog # 23………coming up……”Protect us, Destroy Him and His family”..Part 2





28 August 2017…….I shall never forget this date, for in all of my years, I have never seen nor heard of anyone as EVIL and Cowardly as is ‘judge’ # 8.

“Judge” # 8  is a Lying, Bombastic Coward, who is completely Void of Moral and Physical courage !!

The “commentary” that spewed out of his filthy mouth about me and my family was beyond the pale !!

The things he said about me and my family, he WOULD NEVER say to me if he wasn`t protected by his “bodygaurds”, and he wasn`t wearing his black medieval costume !!

I am attaching to this installment copies of salient points of his “decision” against my family, daughter, minor grandchildren, and my DECEASED MOTHER !!!(see exhibits A,B,C, & D, attached)

This creep, “judge # 8, knows no bounds !!

This ‘judge’, not satisfied with stripping me of all I earned over a lifetime, including stealing from me the title of my home, he ALSO stole from my daughter the assets that I preserved and invested for her since she was a little girl.

Part of my daughter`s investments that this low life stole from her, was her part of the home I live in.

It`s been half her`s since August 2005……….that`s right,..2005 !!!

This low life “judge” accused me of “fraud during the course of my life, and accused me of “using my daughter and grandchildren to ‘fraudulently’ make investments for them” !!

He stripped my daughter of her half of the property, her ‘In Trust For’ account, investments and savings originating back 40 years or more.
Some going back to her birth !!!

This godless creature, for whatever his warped reasons are, left me penniless and homeless, with only my Social Security, and a small US Army pension to live on !!!

The Scum would have taken those also, if they were not protected by “law”…

My entire life savings Gone !! My home Gone !!

None of this could not have happened without the vicious Lies and hypocrisy of Debra Albano, 707 Haven Pl, Linden, NJ ..And she was awarded a HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, for her LIES, Perjuries, and Hypocrisy !!

Now you know why ‘judge’ #7 made up the story about the “box” !

He made up the “BOX” incident to get out of the case so his Cowardly “conscience” would be “clear” ..

Now you know why the change of venue from Somerset County to Hunterdon County, in spite of my adamant demand NOT to have a change of venue, took place !!!!!!!!!!

It was a setup !!!!!!

In the coming installments I will list All the agencies and people who knew about the possible felonies, the forgeries, and the perjuries, and did nothing about it !!

I`ll list the Federal and State laws, and Constitutional Amendments they knowingly broke, and or ignored !!


Coming up…..installment #22…….”Protect us, Destroy HIM and his family”……..





Adolph, we thought you were dead ?.. part 3

BLOG # 20………


26 June 2017……………..”Judgement Day”…..

Before I get into the details of ‘judge’ #8`s “decision”, I just want to see if anyone can HONESTLY answer the following question:

If everyone knew where my assets, retirement money, and checking accounts were located, and everything I own was “Frozen” since 22 February 2013, then why on earth would # 8 appoint a third law firm to collect the money ??????????????

Why would ‘judge’ # 8, “award” this hitherto unknown other law firm $20,000.00 plus expenses without limit, just to collect my assets ?????????????..(see attachment)

Still think the judiciary is honest ??????

Why would ‘judge’ # 8 award ‘Debra`s lawyer $169,000.00, in addition to the “legal fees” she was given prior to this “judgment” of $22,000.00, and the “Forensic Report” costs of $20,000., stolen from my daughter`s ITF account, and my accounts ????

Makes you wonder, doesn`t it !!

Let`s see;

‘Judge’ # 8 awards Debra`s lawyer a total of $211,000.00 in “fees” to be STOLEN from my family`s assets and mine !!!

“Judge” # 8 awards a prior to now, unknown law firm $20,000.00, also to be STOLEN from my family`s and my assets !!

For a preliminary total of $231,000.00 plus in “legal” fees !! (don`t forget, # 8 gave the unknown law firm unlimited expenses),

I didn`t sign the attorney contract with Debra’s lawyer, Debra did !!!!!

So why did I have to pay ???!

Still haven`t figured it out yet ?..Shame on you….

Just a point of interest, my own “legal fees” were approximately $73,000.00……… I HAVE to pay $158,000.00 MORE in “legal fees” to Debra’s lawyers than I paid all of my own !!!!

Now you know this “legal” system is Corrupt ??!

All of this to be STOLEN from my family and myself !!!!

Know what`s interesting, ‘judge’ # 8 grosses about $185,000 a year from the taxpayers !!

So Why would he “award” more in “legal” fees to a divorce attorney in one shot, then he makes in a year ??..Hm-m-m

Think !!

He also awarded ‘D’, = Debra Albano, 707 Haven pl, Linden, N J. $500,000.00……..a half a million dollars, and TITLE TO MY HOME, (a townhouse) !!!!!!!!

A half of million dollars to somebody who never had a real job, never wanted any children, who still sponges off her 91 year old mother at 57 years old!!

This “judge” lets them STEAL $231,000.00 plus from my family and me to give to some lawyers who by their lies, caused my family and I great harm !!!

This “judge” knew full well, that in no way do I have the means to meet his “judgment” .

This “judge” also made sure that I can not get my IRAs, purchased BEFORE I married Debra !!! (they actually Stole them in January 2018).

He deliberately left me Bankrupt !!!

The question is WHY ? He never met me before, he didn`t know, or want to know anything about the facts in the case, so why did he give Debra a half million dollars, and title to my home ????

He knew damn well that Debra got the settlement money she wanted in 2004, plus hospitalization paid for, and any other requests she made in 2004.. So the question remains, WHY ????

See exhibit 1, sub., par 3, we can all agree that they admitted for the fourth time I was in compliance, which was the supposed reason I had a “default” hearing and not a trial !

Not satisfied just to ‘crucify’ me, what this yellow bellied coward, did to my family on 28 August 2017, is so EVIL, it defies explanation….


Next, Blog # 21………………………..”EVIL Beyond Corruption”



“Adolph, we thought you were dead ?” part 2

BLOG #19………..


2 May 2017……Back in the Snake Pit, Hunterdon County Court House….

Debra`s turn to ‘testify’.

I knew Debra was a liar and a hypocrite, two of the many reasons why I left her in 2002, but nothing, prepared me for the LYING AND HYPOCRISY THAT CAME OUT OF HER MOUTH THAT DAY !!

Except for Debra stating her name, I don`t think she spoke another word of truth the whole time !

She was like an actress on a stage reading from a script !

True to form, there was ‘judge’ # 8 fawning all over her, remember, she is twenty two years younger then me, and younger then ‘judge’ # 8. It was like watching a soap opera !

My lawyer to his credit, tried to establish Debra`s complete lack of Credibility, (not much of a challenge), by cross examing Debra.

Here was another case of a ‘judge’ interfering with legitimate questions by shouting down my lawyer, and interfering with the witness’s answers !

Damning me, scolding my lawyer, but coddling Debra………she didn`t even have to wear a mini skirt to get that kind of attention !!

‘Judge’ # 8`s behavior, at least to me, was the tip off.

‘ Judge’ # 8`s attitude and behavior convinced me that the fix was in, and my family and I were going to pay no matter what the facts were !!

Tragically, you will see how right I am !

As the proceedings were winding down, ‘judge’ #8, just prior to asking ME about my assets and other financial questions, prefaced his query to me, by say “I know it`s INAPPROPRIATE, but could you, (meaning Me), give me the correct figures ?”

Why would he ask me ?….You will remember Debra`s lawyer could not produce the “Forensic Report” that my daughter had the money stolen from her ITF account by a corrupt ‘judge`s’ fiat to pay Debra`s lawyer for the “report” !
They Stole it !! No other way to say it !!

I answered as best I could, not realizing until days later that I overstated some items, but not enough for this guy to crucify my family and I, as he did at the “judgment”.

It wasn`t until later, after the hearing was over, did I realize he took advantage of my honesty, and set me up further !

Where was “My” lawyer ??……He was there, but again, he didn`t stand a chance even if he wanted to object to anything, ‘judge’ #8 just slapped him down !!

My lawyer, humiliated again, and now in two counties !!

I often wonder why “my” lawyer stays in this vocation. Seems to me he is just a ‘judge’`s ‘punching bag’.


Stay tuned for installment # 20………………..”Adolf, we thought you were dead ?”..Part 3


“Adolph, we thought you were dead ?”

BLOG # 18…


1 May 2017……..into the Snake Pit in Hunterdon County, meet ‘judge’ # 8.

The “Default hearing” lasted just two days, actually about 6 hours in all…

My lawyer once said to me that in a ‘divorce’ case “everyone lies”……I replied “I don`t” !!

He was absolutely, unequivocally, 100 % correct !!

If you doubt me ……

A few episodes back I told you to remember about the forensic report of my finances ordered by ‘D’s lawyer, but paid for out of my daughter`s ITF account. Now here`s the reason;

‘Judge’ # 8, at the beginning of the “proceedings”, asked ‘D’s lawyer to see a copy of the “Forensic Report”, he said he needed a starting point to see what my net worth was six, (6), years ago.

‘D’s lawyer, with out hesitation, said she didn`t have a copy. # 8 asked where it was, ‘D’s lawyer replied. “I don`t have it because it was incomplete” !!!!!!!!


It didn`t matter of course, in the end, ‘judge’ # 8 made up a figure out of thin air !!!

I was called as a “witness” against myself on the first day.

Let me explain how I was both setup by “D’s lawyer, and betrayed by “my” lawyer !

At a So Called “Default Hearing”, if your case is “dismissed”, as was mine, by “judge” # 5,
you are not allowed to testify, or present any evidence, or produce witnesses……

Follow so far………

“My” lawyer had previously told me to appear in court, (later denied he said it), and specifically, told me that in the unlikely event I WAS called, he would immediately send me out of the court , pleading I was ‘sick’…….denied that too….

Well, I was called to testify “against” myself………..

Me, being the nit-wit that I am, knowing I had absolutely nothing to hide and never lied, got up and went to the witness chair.

I still believed that when the TRUTH was heard, the ‘judge’ would throw out ‘D’s case…….

Talk about being naive, (maybe stupid) !!!!!!

Here is another absolute TRUTH………….TRUTH to divorce lawyers and ‘judges’, is like the CROSS is to DRACULA !

LUKE, 11:46

During my testimony, I was able to bring out the facts that ‘D’ got paid the money She asked for, her health insurance paid for, and any other requirements she had back in 2004 !

And the fact that ‘D’ sent my lawyer a letter in September 2004 that she was going to sign agreement.

I never heard another word from ‘D’ for almost eight, (8), years, until I re-filed for divorce in New Jersey, in September of 2011.

Didn`t matter to this ‘judge’, his mind was made up already, or maybe, someone made up his mind for him ???……..this was a very, very strange case !!



Installment # 19 coming up…………..”Adolf, we thought you were dead ?”…Part 2


PUBLIC ENEMY # 1…Sic him !

BLOG # 17………

20 March 2017………Do I laugh or cry ??………..

On 20 March 2017, about 11:00 AM, I hear a BANGING, NOT A KNOCK, NOT A DOORBELL RINGING, BUT BANGING, on my front door !!!

I thought it was some wise guy trying to be funny…….

Surprise, surprise, it was a New Jersey State Trooper, and TWO Somerset County Sheriff`s Officers, sent to my house, as it turned out, to intimidate and harass little old me !!!

They came to “question” me about my whereabouts that past weekend.

Seems like ‘judge’ # 7, let`s call him “PJ” for short, “found” a “suspicious box” on his front porch.

Their “questioning” took place on my driveway for all my neighbors to see !!
In spite of the fact that I invited them into my home continuously during the interrogation.

When I satisfied their ‘curiosity’ and they were ready to leave, I invited them to review some of my evidence of the perjuries and most of all the Forgeries of the court documents that I had.

But alas, they were to “busy” and didn`t have the time………

They were courteous, I will say……..and they left….

Next day, 21 March 2017, I appeared in court as was previously scheduled.

The lawyers, mine and “D’`s, were called into a meeting with the ‘judge’ in his office…In secret of course……..

When they came out, the ‘judge’ recused himself from my case, and sent my case to Hunterdon County Court.

I vehemently told my lawyer that I DID NOT WANT A CHANGE OF VENUE !!
There never was any Valid reason to !!

My lawyer`s response was, in so many words was, TOUGH S**T !!!!!! “You”, meaning me, don`t matter !!!!

Why would it matter what I say, I`m only the “Plaintiff”……..or should I say, Victim !

There you have it……it goes back to the beginning of my Blogs, when I said to you, that you, your spouse, your children, and no one else matters so long as they get their opportunity to get their grimey hands on the Money !!!!!

Curious about the “box”;

After a little investigating of my own about the “Box”, word on the street was the “box” on ‘judge’ # 7, ‘PJ”`s porch, supposedly contained ‘children`s toys’, perhaps his kids toys !!!

Further research on my part, appeared to reveal, THAT THERE NEVER WAS A “BOX” !!!!

It was all made up to intimidate me, and to get my case moved to another county, and be rid of me !!!!!!

The amazing thing was, that when we went to court on 21 March 2017, ALL the details to move my case out of Somerset County to Hunterdon County were already worked out and ready to go!!!!!!

“PJ”, reminded me of Pontias Pilate…….I often wondered how much pressure they put on him to make up the “Box” incident ??

“PJ”, you should have remained a commercial real estate lawyer….

Your cowardice caused my family great harm !!

They didn`t lose a beat……The next ‘judge’, ‘judge’ # 8, was already appointed to my case !!!!!!

He was the Ringer !!

See how things happen when you shine a bright light on them !

More about the police later..

STILL NO TRIAL………………. Luke, 11:46………………

Installment # 18………………”Adolph, we thought you were dead ?”