Beginning of the End..

BLOG # 16……

“Prelude to Beginning of the End”


Welcome ‘judge’ # 7…….

On 12 February 2017, an article appeared in the Sunday N Y Post, page 53….

The author, John Crudele, wrote about the chaotic and disgraceful situation my family and I were suffering as a result of the ‘Judicial’ system in New Jersey. (copy attached).

Sure made some folks very upset. They obviously don`t like someone looking over their shoulder and shining a light on their behavior.

Made things move fast….

Suddenly ‘D’s lawyer wasn`t going to investigate my Mom`s estate, as she got ‘judge’ # 7 to agree to on a previous occasion.
My Mom passed in April of 2016. Now they were just going to take MY WORD of Mom`s estate`s value.

The Post article rattled them.

Now they had to find a away to get rid of me fast !!

As a point of interest, my Mom`s “estate” had a NEGATIVE worth of minus, (-), $12,000.00, for which I am personally responsible, but cannot pay because ‘judge’ # 8, (coming up), stripped me of Every thing I have !!

All of a sudden, nine days after the NY Post article, a “Default” hearing was held on 21 February 2017. NO TRIAL, BUT A “DEFAULT” HEARING !!

This “Default ” hearing, presided over by ‘judge’ # 7. It was more like being at a ‘Liars’ club contest for president.

Among the LIES told under oath by ‘D’ and ‘D’s lawyer were;

“He threatened to kill me”……………..’D’

“He was in my house” (implying I forcibly broke into her Mom`s house, where ‘D’ lives)…….’D’
(‘D’ never earned her way through life, so she continues to Sponge off her mother)

“He threatened my family”…………..’D’s lawyer.

Ad nauseam………..

‘Judge’ # 7, was “forceful” in cracking down on their perjuries……

Oh wait a minute…..HE WASN`T !!……HE JUST LET IT ALL SLIDE !!

‘Judge’ # 7, I guess, was tired, so we adjourned until 21 March 2017.

Probably needed a long rest…………………..

Installment # 17, will have you in disbelief as to what lengths these people will go to, to make you bend to their will ……….

Their Harassment and Intimidation know NO bounds……….


Next week, installment # 17…………”Public Enemy # 1, Sic him !”




BLOG # 15….

“UP BRINGING, Anyone ? ”


May 6, 2016, a day I`ll bet my lawyer won`t ever forget……

Meet ‘judge’ # 6……

Here`s the scene;

My lawyer and I are seated in ‘court’, the ‘judge’ is seated on his ‘throne’, and ‘D’s lawyer is on the telephone, participating in this “hearing” from VERMONT while on ‘vacation !!……

Now there we sat, my lawyer and I, more prepared and better than Clarence Darrow was on his best day !

Every “I” was dotted, every “T” was crossed, nothing was left to chance !!

My lawyer for the third time, followed every single instruction to the letter of what ‘judge’ #5 outlined in his decision previously !

This “hearing” lasted about an hour.

Within that hour, my lawyer got about two or three minutes of floor time, ‘D’s lawyer got about 45 minutes, “phone” time and the ‘judge’ took up the balance..

During the 45 minutes phone time ‘D’s lawyer got, she dutifully regurgitated the same bulls**t that she always did, virtually uninterrupted.

Meanwhile, my lawyer, during his “allotted” time”, in an attempt to present his evidence, was shouted down, not by ‘D’s lawyer, but by the “judge” !!!….read the transcript……..

I never saw any man, as my lawyer was, so humiliated and abused by anyone in public, as I did that day.

‘Judge’ # 6 so abused his position, with his ranting and raving, and humiliating my lawyer, that one has to wonder about his sanity, and his qualifications to sit on the “Bench” !

Lest I forget, this ‘judge’ also found time to threaten me with INCARCERATION, three times, even though I never spoke one word !!

By this time I was accustomed, though found it difficult to accept, of myself and my family being treated like common criminals and with so much disrespect.

None of these ‘wanna be tough guys’ in medieval garb, would ever treat me and/or my family like that if they didn`t have “bodyguards” surrounding them………Guaranteed !!

It was also at this time that I started to lose all hope in “justice” and truth, and came to realize how the system works, and how very corrupt it is…..and the fix is in ……

Best part, during my letter writing campaign, every law enforcement agency was made aware of what was going on, including the head bottom feeder of the “justice” system !!

More on this when I get to the installment about my letters and those agencies…….

Then on top of all this guy`s erratic behavior, he dismisses my case, (remember I`m the PLAINTIFF !), and sets me up for a “default hearing”.

See how it works;…..if you challenge them, they shut you up, and leave you with NO recourse but to pay !!.. ..


We were supposed to have another “hearing” come December 2016, but ‘D’s lawyer got another of her many, many delays………..remember we couldn`t get ONE so my lawyer could spend one week with his family !

I don`t know who raised this ‘judge’ when he was growing up, if anyone, but they sure failed……


Tune in for installment # 16………”The Beginning of the End”……….


“Persona Non Grata ???”

BLOG # 14……….


As I mentioned in the previous installment, because of my suspicions, my lawyer told me to contact the “proper authorities”, which I did, I contacted a few “authorities” even before my lawyer told me to try …..

I wrote two ‘judges’ whose signatures I suspected were forged.
For I was told that a ‘judge’ MUST sign his/her name to official court documents, and it cannot be delegated !

One ‘judge’ responded by writing back that I should contact my lawyer. The other, simply ignored my observation.

If at this point, if you are wondering how I can remember all this, just so you know, I keep copious, and very accurate notes !

The nice guy wanted out, and even gave me an $1800.00 credit…..Reality was, he was so frustrated with the “system” he could see no way out of this, plus I think his boss` attitude just added to the guy`s frustration……He eventually left that firm, so I was told….

If you thought the previous installments were about corruption, and were bizarre, you ain`t seen nothing yet !

Enter the new lawyer……he started on 11 May 2015.

My first court appearance with the new lawyer was sometime shortly thereafter.

As we entered the court he says to me “you are a Persona Non Grata in this court house”.

I thought the comment was interesting.
How does one become Persona Non Grata in a court house ??
I can remember being allowed to speak only once in that court house, and that was back in
February 2013……Maybe it`s the way I comb my hair, who knows ?

Anyway, we sat in the court room like peons, in silence, while ‘judge’ # 4 berated, and admonished me for who knows what !

Actually, it was because I wouldn`t give in to their fictitious demands

That was also the last time I saw ‘judge’ # 4.

It was also at this time I showed my lawyer a forensic handwriting experts report, completed by a former FBI Forensic Handwriting Expert, of a FORGED signature on a court document.

More about this and other forgeries in a later installment.

My new lawyer filed a motion to have all the misconceptions about my not complying corrected.

Meet ‘judge’ # 5………..hurry up, because we will never see him again…..

He disappeared in to the neverland, just like’ judge’ # 2, and as you will see, ‘judge’ # 6 too !

Amazing, how some ‘judges’ “ROTATE” so fast !

As you probably guessed, I lost that motion too… This guy said I had to re-comply for the third time………..ok, back to the drawing board !

My lawyer in his sincere effort to follow “judge” # 5`s mandate, went on his own and without my fore knowledge, drives all the way to ‘D’s lawyer`s office in Scotch Plains from Woodbridge. Ostentatiously, to inspect what ‘D’s lawyers had about the case.

He came back with one sheet of paper, out of approximately 4500 pages !!

He told me that`s all they gave him, and ‘D’s lawyer also told him that all the other pages of my records were “scattered” about and they couldn`t give him any more !!

Strangest thing, it was a page out of the “forensic” report, and NOT of my financial records. I guess they needed my lawyer to help ‘D’s lawyer understand how to read bank statements !!!!

And man did he help them !..Often wondered who he was working for…………

That was in July of 2015……………we rode on the “legal” circus merry-go-round until 6 May 2016….

Hang in there, it gets more bizarre, and more corrupt……..

Tune in to episode 15….To see my lawyer humiliated like he was, almost brought me to tears……


Installment # 15………….”UP BRINGING, ANYONE” ??


Let`s Hurt His Family

BLOG 13….

Still No Trial……..

In January 2015, ‘D’s lawyers interrogated my daughter at a ‘deposition’ held at ‘D’s lawyer`s office in Scotch Plains, NJ.

‘D’s lawyers interrogated my daughter to the point of emotional distress, trying to make my daughter slander me, her father !!

‘D’s lawyer`s tried to provoke my daughter to say that the gifts and assets I saved for her since she was a infant, were given to her “fraudulently”, as were the gifts I gave my grandchildren since they were born.

As I said before, ‘D’ and her team, have no bottom to their behavior in their lustful pursuit of someone else`s money.

Just a couple of sidebars to this situation of ‘D’ and her team`s unholy behavior;

1. On 2 December 2014, I mailed a letter to ‘D’ offering her my personal assets, with no strings, if she, ‘D’, would stop and not allow any more future harm to my family, including my then 95 year old mother.

Of course she ignored my plea, apparently derives much perverse pleasure in harming innocent people !!

2. Prior to my daughter being interrogated by ‘D’s lawyers, an apparent agreement was reached between my daughter`s lawyer and ‘D’s lawyers, agreeing that if no “fraud” was found during the “interrogation”, my daughter and my grandchildren were to be released from the divorce case..
No “fraud” was proven, and both sides agreed there was no “fraud”, however my family was never released from the case….( copy of letter dated 6 January 2015 between my daughter`s lawyer and ‘D’s lawyer is attached).

I can only guess as to the reason why my family was never released from the case, but I do know that the “legal fees” kept rising.

Next came the interrogation of my 95 year old mother, and my brother.

Proving once again, that ‘D’ is capable of anything !

‘D’s lawyers made my Mom travel 50 miles round trip to attend this “interrogation”.

‘D’s lawyer`s sole purpose for this interrogation of my 95 year old mother, was to get my Mother to say that money I gave toward her support, was given to her “fraudulently” !!.. (since 1996) !

Bet you thought ‘D’ and her team couldn`t go any lower ? Well, they do, and they did !

And remember, they couldn`t have pulled all this unsavory crap without the assistance and willing help of other “players” !!!

It was during this time I told my attorney about ‘D’s perjuries, and about the very suspicious multiple signatures on court documents, especially of ‘judge`s’ signatures.
He thought that I should pursue my suspicions with the proper authorities.

I did, and that is going to make for very interesting reading in later installments…….

I had also started writing to the “proper authorities” at about this time, you might call it a letter writing campaign for ‘justice’…….

From time to time I will be inserting copies of those letters to the “proper authorities”.
Of course, with the proper redactions, wouldn`t want to hurt their tender feelings !!

Coming up……..Installment # 14………..”Persona Non Grata” ..??


Let`s Burn the Plaintiff, Again…….

BLOG 12………

What do you know……another “Civil Action Order” issued by ‘judge’ #4 on 31 October 2014.

Of course I found out about this one later and after the fact.

It`s really amazing how these things just keep happening.

You guessed it……’D’s lawyer was given another $1,369.50 “counsel fees” which I was forced to pay…….which again was STOLEN from my daughter`s ITF account at a later date !!

Somebody hand wrote on the’order’ that if I didn`t pay up, I was threatened with “community service”.

I`m sure you all remember that my assets are still ‘frozen’, so they knew very well that I couldn`t pay !!!

Now, is it clear how the ‘game’ is played.

I`m attaching this ‘order’, and another order, (dated 27 February 2015), to this Blog so you can see for yourself the multiple signatures of this ‘judge’s’ name on these orders………..think something smells, well I do !!

In case you forgot, the same pattern existed with the previous ‘judge’, #3……

And now we come to the most unbelievable performance by ‘D’s lawyer at PNC Bank in Branchburg, NJ.

A performance truly worthy of an “OSCAR”..

On or about 12 December 2014, in the AM, me, my lawyer, and ‘D’s lawyer, entered PNC Bank in Branchburg, NJ.

I presented ‘D’s lawyer with a document to sign before she inventoried the contents of my “safe” deposit box.

The document stated, that because there were personal papers belonging to individuals not remotely connected with this divorce case, I wanted ‘D’s lawyer to sign a confidentiality document so as to protect those innocent parties.

Prior to having this document signed by ‘D’s lawyer, I cleared it with my lawyer, who deemed there was nothing objectionable in the document, and was rather benign.

What followed was behavior so bizarre, so absurd, as to defy explanation !

‘D’s lawyer when I asked her to sign the document, began running around the bank lobby, ranting and raving like a lunatic, about how I was abusing her, and etc., and used the bank`s phone to call ‘judge’ #4.

Only the “Shadow” knows what crap she told ‘judge’ #4.

I believe that the people in the bank, like myself, were mortified by ‘D’s lawyer`s outrageous behavior. It`s like it was scripted !

In any event there was no inventory that day.

With out allowing me any right to address ‘D’s lawyer`s behavior at the bank, not surprisingly, ‘judge’ #4 issued another order to inventory my “safe” deposit box, only this time I, ME, was not allowed to be present inside the bank !!!!!!!

“D’s lawyer took almost five hours to snoop through my “safe” box. (Should have taken ten minutes, but you understand if you do things honestly, you can`t run up “legal fees”.)

Even after the inventory, I still was never able to get into my “safe” box.

The harassment never ends !

Coming up…..Blog # 13……………”Let`s hurt his family”…….





Napoleonic Complex. Anyone


BLOG 11…..

On 29 August 2014, another hearing, BUT STILL NO TRIAL, was held by ‘judge’ #4.

Before I let you in on all the gory details of this “hearing”, you need a little background info…..

My lawyer, requested a weeks delay of this hearing because he had a planned family vacation.

Knowing this, I decided to take a little trip also, assuming the ‘judge’ would let the poor guy have a week off.

Remember what I said earlier about “judges”……

The ‘judge’ refused to give my lawyer a one week delay………..this, after ‘D’s lawyer got multiple delays prior to this and at later hearings !!!

Her, the ‘judge`s’ reason was, “this has gone on long enough !”….(it went on for another three years, almost to the day !!)….( and she, the ‘judge’, spent the next year herself on my case……go figure……)

You will see shortly why all this preamble matters.

And so the ‘hearing was held on the 29th…….

I wasn`t there, and neither was my lawyer…but alas, I was “represented”, by my lawyer`s “competent” boss …

When you read page 9, lines 10 through 17, of the transcript, (attached to this Blog), you will understand why my lawyer was refused a weeks delay. (The entire transcript is a public document….before you read it, take an antacid …….)

This guy, my so called rep, went to great pains to STAB ME in the BACK !!

On top of this, he Mocked me for having a copy of one of the checks used to pay ‘D’ the settlement she agreed to 2004 !!!

What are these creatures taught in law school ?????…. It`s certainly not ethics, or integrity !

But there you have it………..let the good lawyer go away, bring in the ringer, they win, I lose !!!

Are you all catching on to how the “game” is played ??

Don`t worry if your not, there is whole lot more to come, a whole lot !!

Obviously, her, the ‘judge`s’, decision was against me……Suprised ??

On 10 October 2014, another Civil Action hearing was held by this ‘judge’, #4…..

Apparently my lawyer was there, but oddly enough, I have no record of being notified….Hm-m

This “Civil Action order was to allow ‘D’`s lawyer access to my safe deposit box at PNC Bank.

In the next installment, what I am going to tell you about the ‘performance’ of ‘D’`s lawyer at the day of the “inspection”, at the bank, in front of a lobby full of people, you would think Me and my family committed a capitol crime, it will make you hysterical.

I`m attaching this “C. A. Order” to this blog so you can see multiple handwritings on it, something that I told you previously was never supposed to be coming out of Somerset County court.

In a future installment, I`m going to show you multiple signatures of this ‘judge`s’ name on various court orders coming out of her court room !!

And that`s just the beginning !


Coming up, Blog #12,……….”Let`s turn up the heat on the Plaintiff”……

Napoleonic Complex, Anyone

BLOG 10……….

Moving on……

One of my ‘attorneys’, when I asked how come there`s always a different judge in my case, responded by saying, “that there is a rotation system for ‘judges”.

Fair enough…….but if that`s the case, then why did some ‘judges’ appear only once, (three to be exact), but others, for months on end…….Doesn`t ring true to me.

The reality is, but never admitted, that even divorce ‘lawyers’ shop around for compliant ‘judges’

That`s why I included the Assignment judge in my tally of ‘judges’……Apparently if your ‘friendly’ with the assignment ‘judge’, you can have a “friendly” ‘judge’ assigned to your case.

My question is, what does a lawyer have to do to make sure a ‘judge’ is “friendly” ???

Introducing ‘judge’ #4……

On or about 21 July 2014, my new attorney and I were ordered to appear in court, which of course we did.

While I sat on my hands in the court room, my attorney was called into the ‘judge`s’ chambers for a “conference”.

Of course I wasn`t allowed to attend, for how else could they talk about me, the case, formulate strategies and etc.,

Who knows, we common folks might be able to contribute something……..unless, OR maybe, that`s exactly what they don`t want.

There were, during the course of this case, about seven or eight of these types of conferences. There were both telephonic and in person meetings, and of course without me invited.

These conferences are nothing but another way to PAD ‘legal fees.
First you pay for the lawyer`s transportation and time, then YOU pay for them to hang around until the ‘judge’ decides to call them in, then you pay for the “mysterious” time they spend with the ‘judge’, then you pay for them to go home……and nothing is accomplished !!

Notice, there are never any recordings and/or minutes of these “meetings”.
Why the secret ??

Nothing was ever accomplished, except more threats to pay up.

Speaking of threats, out of this current “conference” came the threat to “Incarcerate” me, you know throw me in jail for not buckling to their will.
There were other threats to throw me in jail later on, as you will see.

In my later blogs you will see just how vicious they can be !

Her ‘court order’ against me, was just a duplicate of all the previous ‘orders’ against me and my family, by ‘judges’ #1 & #3 “judges” before her.

During my research of this installment I discovered a “Civil Action Order” (?), dated, 4 August 2014.

Strangest thing, like a couple of times before, I don`t believe I was ever notified about this “Civil Action Order” either..

Who knows, maybe they sent you folks the notification by mistake ?

You know what`s even Stranger, the “Order” reads that I was “PRO SE”, (means self representing) ??? !!

Now we all know that I had ‘legal’ representation. You remember, that nice fellow from the West Coast…………….. he was my lawyer of record from April 2014 until May of 2015 !

Hm-m-m…….Wonder how they forgot that ??

Guess what…….’judge’ #4 gave ‘D’s lawyer an additional $3,143.80 in ‘Counsel Fees’, and costs, that I should pay !!

Remember now, ALL of my assets are still frozen ! (at this point, for a year and a half)

Eventually, they STOLE this $3,143.80 from my daughter`s ITF account too !!

They are completely without any morals whatsoever !


Next week, Blog #11……continuation of “Napoleonic Complex, Anyone”