“Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”

BLOG # 39

I know I touched on these two “judges” before, but I just wanted to emphasize a few salient points…….

On 9 February 2016, ‘judge’ # 5 held a hearing of my case…..Of course I wasn`t “invited”, did you expect something else ??

Anyway, ‘judge’ #5 issues a “court order” ordering me to “comply” with previous “court orders” regarding “Discovery Requests”..

By this time, you, dear reader, and everyone else on this planet, knows I complied more than once with the “court orders”, that is, apparently everyone but this “judge”.

Then this whiz orders me to pay “Counsel Fees” to Debra Albano`s, of Linden, NJ, lawyer.

Additionally, I`m to pay for the “Financial Forensic” report on my family and I, ordered by Debra Albano.

Everyone knows there is, and was no “Forensic” report. This you will remember was admitted to by Debra Albano`s lawyer, Carol Jeney, on 1 May 2017 in court.

You all know by now, if you have been following this sordid tale, that ALL the “fees” were paid a while back…….lifted from my daughter`s In Trust for Account at PNC Bank by the Somerset County Sheriff !!!!

Now if “judge” #5 had looked past the end of his nose, he would have known that !!!!

Just reinforces everything I have been saying right along, they are either void of intellect, or Corrupt, or both !

In any event, that was the last I saw or heard of ‘judge’ #5 too…..Into ‘cyber’ space with “judge” # 5, away !!

On to “judge” # 6…..

Even though this guy`s tenure was only about 2 ½ hours on my case, he deserves “special mention”, for some of the most bizarre behavior I have ever witnessed…

“Judge” #6 held a ‘hearing’, yes another one, on 6 May 2016.

This one, I was invited to, along with my lawyer….It was another opportunity to ‘threaten’ me as you will see, the how, and why of it in a moment.

Debra Albano is not there, but her lawyer is….Well not physically anyway, but by TELEPHONE…..

Not physically there, no physical evidence, no documentation, no nothing….just her sweet lil`ol` voice on the telephone from VERMONT !!!!!!!!!!

Talk about a “Banana Republic” ……

Still think they are on the up and up ??????

Meanwhile, my lawyer and I are there fully prepared with about a thousand pages of evidence, and most importantly, Documentation…

And yes, we were there, both in body and soul…..

” Judge” # 6 allows Debra Albano`s lawyer to present her “bul-s–t” over the phone, from VERMONT, for a combined total of about 30 minutes.

Debra Albano`s lawyer spews the same old crap…”He`s a bad boy”, (I`m 78 years old), I don`t comply, (remember it was her partner who admitted in August 2014 that they had the 4,500 pages of my financial bio), I don`t pay my “court ordered” fees, yakety, yak, ad nauseum…

My lawyer, to his credit, tried to object multiple times, but each time he was shouted down not by the other lawyer, BUT by the “judge” !!!

When my lawyer was finally given the chance to speak, and provide our evidence and documentation, “judge” # 6 would stop my lawyer in his tracks and berate him and speak to my lawyer in such a demeaning way, that I was overwhelmed with compassion for my lawyer….

I can`t ever remember a man being so belittled and embarrassed as was my lawyer that day..

Oh and by the way that “judge” found time to Threaten me with Jail three times during his bizarre rantings………..

I never even spoke one word during the “proceedings” held by that lunatic !!….

Proof positive, we need Mental Competence tests for these “judges”.

Thank goodness he`s gone !!!…….”here today, gone tomorrow”……

Stay tuned for Blog #40……”Judge” # 7 and the Mysterious, Disappearing ‘Box”…..

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