BLOG # 37

Ah, “judge” #4……. The ‘judge’ with many different signatures of her court orders..

As you know from my previous Blog about her, I attached examples of the various hand writings in the signature block of her ‘court’ orders.

I think it was Four different signatures…. What does Federal law 18 US 505 matter anyway !!…

Yes, the cops know about it, the Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court knows about it, …so what……they are not going to anything about it !1

Why should they, it`s one of their own ……

Strange isn`t it, when we working people have to submit something to the “court”, every ‘T’ has to be crossed, every “i” has to be dotted, and your motions have to be “double spaced”….

They of course, don`t have to do anything they don`t want to…

I had the misfortune to cross paths with ‘judge’ # 4 in July of 2014, when, with my lawyer, we had to attend a ‘hearing’ in her court.

Same stupidity, ‘sit down, shut up, look straight ahead, and don`t chew gum (?)’, while my lawyer was called into the “secret” chambers of the ‘judge’…

Why are they always doing things Secret ????….what are they afraid of ???

Anyway, when my lawyer came out of the “Inner Sanctum”, he told me the “judge” said if I didn`t comply with previous ‘court orders’, she, ‘judge’ # 4, was going to INCARCERATE me !!

‘Judge’ # 4 already knew that I complied in May 2013, and again in January 2014, that`s the one where Debra Albano`s lawyer got 4,500 pages of my life story, and the “non existent” ‘forensic’ report on me…….doesn`t matter………she is either crooked, stupid, and/or a liar…….

You see, nothing matters when the FIX is in !

By this time I`ve had three “judges”…and am thoroughly convinced that one of the prerequisites
for that job is to be totally Void of Intellect !!….probably Integrity also…

It seems the only things they have in their “tool box” is Coercion and Threats….

Facts, Truth, Reason, always seem to escape them, as does knowledge of codified law…

My next encounter with ‘judge’# 4, was on 29 August 2014 at another ‘hearing’ in which she presided.

Not surpassingly this one was conducted without my lawyer and I being present.

Oh we knew about it, but my lawyer had asked #4 for a weeks delay so he could spend a week with his family…(I also had previous plans to be away that week, both he and I thought it would work out well).

Naturally “judge” #4 denied my lawyer`s request for a short delay……Her ‘reason’, “this has been going on too long ” ! (of course it went “on” for another THREE years….and yes, she was part of it for another year !)..

Interestingly, just prior to denying my lawyer a brief delay, she allowed Debra Albano`s lawyer a months delay because her ‘daddy’ had a bellyache……..go figure……

Hard to swallow how corrupt they are, isn`t it ??

So #4 holds ‘court’ on 29 August 2014, without both me and my lawyer…

But Lo and Behold, there is a ‘lawyer’ there to represent me !!

It`s I guy I never met or spoke to…(??)……

Turns out it`s a very incompetent member of my lawyer`s firm…..Hm-m-m

How does he show up ??…totally unprepared, (it was no accident), no files and or documentation, and tells lies about me in court !!!

Don`t believe me ??…..Blog #38 will be about him, right out of the transcript !!!!

Remember what I said about divorce lawyers, excuse me, “family” lawyers….

‘Judge #4 decided against me, again….Now tell me, did you really expect a different outcome ??

Now I know ‘judge’ #4 paid “very close attention” to the proceedings, but somehow she missed it when Debra Albano`s lawyer admitted that they were in possession of the 4,500 pages of all my financial records……. Hm-m, I didn`t see her go to the lady`s room, so how could she miss that FACT !!

No matter, ‘judge’ #4 still determined that I still wasn`t in compliance….

You can`t Still possibly think that they are “Honorable”, can you ??

Here is another ‘Classic’

“Judge” #4 states she will not override another ‘judge`s’ order……then what does she do ??..she promptly overrides ‘Judge’ Miller order of 8 June 2012 !!!!…. Must have forgot what she said a few moments ago..

Do you have the picture yet ??

There is an interesting commentary about ‘judge’ # 4 at ‘Robe by some woman….

You should read it….

Coming up, # 38…… “Incompetence, or something Else”

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