Blog #22…Protect Us, Destroy Him and His Family…..

Now you know SOME of what they are capable of and to what lengths they will go to Steal your money.
If I were to document all of what they did to my family and me, it would take a book of encyclopedic dimensions to tell you everything.

As their evil actions are being exposed, I`m sure you will not believe some of what I`m writing, because some of the things I am going to write about will either leave you in disbelief and/or destroy your faith in law enforcement, politicians, and most definitely, the “Legal” System.

First the ‘ judges’.

What I noticed was that they gross on average, for being a ‘judge’ in Somerset County, and I guess Hunterdon County, is about $185,000……yet most live in some very expensive houses and in some very well to do neighborhoods.

Many had lucrative ‘law’ practices, bringing in a whole lot more money… My question is, why would they take a pay cut to be a “judge” ????

All “judges” are recommended by politicians and appointed by the Governor. In my case, all were either appointed and/or re-appointed by Chris Christie.

‘Judge’ # 1; Made believe he was being “fair” during the hearing, but all the while knew he was going to mislead me, and obviously knew he was not going to let my documentation be allowed as evidence, and lied about not going to make any decision that day.

He also said that the “TRIAL” would take place in 3 years……as you know, it has never happened, and I had SEVEN more “judges” after him !!

He refused Debra`s lawyer to “freeze” my assets on 24 January 2013, for there was no reason to.
But then 4 weeks later, on 22 February 2013, he “froze” my assets !!!
Nothing changed, but the date on the calendar, so WHY did he do it ?? Wanna guess ??

Judge # 2; The only “judge” who made a fair and honest decision in the entire 6 ½ years of my tragedy…..He allowed the widow who trusted me with her finances, to be let out of the case without harm and returned all her money.

Never saw him again…….Interestingly, he was scheduled to preside over three more hearings in my case, but somehow, Strangely, he was always removed beforehand……Hm-m-m….

‘Judge’ # 3; Now here is an ‘interesting’ fellow……
You will remember him, he presided over two hearings where neither I nor my lawyer were notified of !!
You will also remember his court order of 3 February 2014, the one with multiple handwritings on it, scribbling and line outs !! (shown in installment #7). (and attached herewith, Exhb.A)

This is a guy who admitted he was “BAFFLED”, (his word), for the “disappearance” of , are you ready, $1,300,000.00, that I supposedly had !!!!! Believe me, if I had that kind of money, I would have a villa in the beautiful hills of Grottominarda, Italy !!!

This is a ‘judge’ who wanted me, the Plaintiff, to prove a NEGATIVE !!…go figure …

He found another way to BLEED me and my family for more “legal” fees for his pals, and whoever else !

This is the guy, on his order of 9 May 2014, allowed Debra to bring into this divorce case, my daughter, my minor grandchildren, and my 95 year old Mother !

This is the same ‘judge’ who admitted in his “order” of 31 October 2013, (page 2, para`s 2 & 3), that he was violating Federal Statues by withholding three of my social Security Checks and one US Army pension check !!

So who is the criminal here ??.. I told you they are Lawless !!..

Incidentally, as of this date, 1 April 2018, PNC Bank Still has not released my Social Security checks, even in spite of the fact they broke the law themselves, and a court order dated 28 August 2017 to release my checks. !!……again, who is the criminal here ?

Incidentally, this ‘judge’ accepted the “Third Party Complaint” without a signature of the ‘defendant’ in the ‘Certification’ block !! He broke another law !! Don`t matter, “judges” made themselves the new ‘NAZIs’

Is this “judge” stupid, lawless, or is it something else ?????

Read page 7 of his 9 May order, EVERY SINGLE WORD IS A LIE !!

Read page 8 of his 9 May order, EVERY SINGLE WORD IS A LIE !!

There is more on ‘judge’ # 3, much more. For the sake of your sanity, I`ll forgo it ……

Blog # 23………coming up……”Protect us, Destroy Him and His family”..Part 2



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