BLOG # 15….

“UP BRINGING, Anyone ? ”


May 6, 2016, a day I`ll bet my lawyer won`t ever forget……

Meet ‘judge’ # 6……

Here`s the scene;

My lawyer and I are seated in ‘court’, the ‘judge’ is seated on his ‘throne’, and ‘D’s lawyer is on the telephone, participating in this “hearing” from VERMONT while on ‘vacation !!……

Now there we sat, my lawyer and I, more prepared and better than Clarence Darrow was on his best day !

Every “I” was dotted, every “T” was crossed, nothing was left to chance !!

My lawyer for the third time, followed every single instruction to the letter of what ‘judge’ #5 outlined in his decision previously !

This “hearing” lasted about an hour.

Within that hour, my lawyer got about two or three minutes of floor time, ‘D’s lawyer got about 45 minutes, “phone” time and the ‘judge’ took up the balance..

During the 45 minutes phone time ‘D’s lawyer got, she dutifully regurgitated the same bulls**t that she always did, virtually uninterrupted.

Meanwhile, my lawyer, during his “allotted” time”, in an attempt to present his evidence, was shouted down, not by ‘D’s lawyer, but by the “judge” !!!….read the transcript……..

I never saw any man, as my lawyer was, so humiliated and abused by anyone in public, as I did that day.

‘Judge’ # 6 so abused his position, with his ranting and raving, and humiliating my lawyer, that one has to wonder about his sanity, and his qualifications to sit on the “Bench” !

Lest I forget, this ‘judge’ also found time to threaten me with INCARCERATION, three times, even though I never spoke one word !!

By this time I was accustomed, though found it difficult to accept, of myself and my family being treated like common criminals and with so much disrespect.

None of these ‘wanna be tough guys’ in medieval garb, would ever treat me and/or my family like that if they didn`t have “bodyguards” surrounding them………Guaranteed !!

It was also at this time that I started to lose all hope in “justice” and truth, and came to realize how the system works, and how very corrupt it is…..and the fix is in ……

Best part, during my letter writing campaign, every law enforcement agency was made aware of what was going on, including the head bottom feeder of the “justice” system !!

More on this when I get to the installment about my letters and those agencies…….

Then on top of all this guy`s erratic behavior, he dismisses my case, (remember I`m the PLAINTIFF !), and sets me up for a “default hearing”.

See how it works;…..if you challenge them, they shut you up, and leave you with NO recourse but to pay !!.. ..


We were supposed to have another “hearing” come December 2016, but ‘D’s lawyer got another of her many, many delays………..remember we couldn`t get ONE so my lawyer could spend one week with his family !

I don`t know who raised this ‘judge’ when he was growing up, if anyone, but they sure failed……


Tune in for installment # 16………”The Beginning of the End”……….


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