Napoleonic Complex, Anyone

BLOG 10……….

Moving on……

One of my ‘attorneys’, when I asked how come there`s always a different judge in my case, responded by saying, “that there is a rotation system for ‘judges”.

Fair enough…….but if that`s the case, then why did some ‘judges’ appear only once, (three to be exact), but others, for months on end…….Doesn`t ring true to me.

The reality is, but never admitted, that even divorce ‘lawyers’ shop around for compliant ‘judges’

That`s why I included the Assignment judge in my tally of ‘judges’……Apparently if your ‘friendly’ with the assignment ‘judge’, you can have a “friendly” ‘judge’ assigned to your case.

My question is, what does a lawyer have to do to make sure a ‘judge’ is “friendly” ???

Introducing ‘judge’ #4……

On or about 21 July 2014, my new attorney and I were ordered to appear in court, which of course we did.

While I sat on my hands in the court room, my attorney was called into the ‘judge`s’ chambers for a “conference”.

Of course I wasn`t allowed to attend, for how else could they talk about me, the case, formulate strategies and etc.,

Who knows, we common folks might be able to contribute something……..unless, OR maybe, that`s exactly what they don`t want.

There were, during the course of this case, about seven or eight of these types of conferences. There were both telephonic and in person meetings, and of course without me invited.

These conferences are nothing but another way to PAD ‘legal fees.
First you pay for the lawyer`s transportation and time, then YOU pay for them to hang around until the ‘judge’ decides to call them in, then you pay for the “mysterious” time they spend with the ‘judge’, then you pay for them to go home……and nothing is accomplished !!

Notice, there are never any recordings and/or minutes of these “meetings”.
Why the secret ??

Nothing was ever accomplished, except more threats to pay up.

Speaking of threats, out of this current “conference” came the threat to “Incarcerate” me, you know throw me in jail for not buckling to their will.
There were other threats to throw me in jail later on, as you will see.

In my later blogs you will see just how vicious they can be !

Her ‘court order’ against me, was just a duplicate of all the previous ‘orders’ against me and my family, by ‘judges’ #1 & #3 “judges” before her.

During my research of this installment I discovered a “Civil Action Order” (?), dated, 4 August 2014.

Strangest thing, like a couple of times before, I don`t believe I was ever notified about this “Civil Action Order” either..

Who knows, maybe they sent you folks the notification by mistake ?

You know what`s even Stranger, the “Order” reads that I was “PRO SE”, (means self representing) ??? !!

Now we all know that I had ‘legal’ representation. You remember, that nice fellow from the West Coast…………….. he was my lawyer of record from April 2014 until May of 2015 !

Hm-m-m…….Wonder how they forgot that ??

Guess what…….’judge’ #4 gave ‘D’s lawyer an additional $3,143.80 in ‘Counsel Fees’, and costs, that I should pay !!

Remember now, ALL of my assets are still frozen ! (at this point, for a year and a half)

Eventually, they STOLE this $3,143.80 from my daughter`s ITF account too !!

They are completely without any morals whatsoever !


Next week, Blog #11……continuation of “Napoleonic Complex, Anyone”

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