Destroy by Fiat

BLOG #9 ……………post 25 January 2018

“Shh-h, Let us not tell the Plaintiff”..again !

As you will remember in previous installments, that neither I, The plaintiff, nor any of my attorneys, were notified of the court dates of 3 February, and 9 May of 2014.

‘D’s team found out that when you hide what you`re doing, you can make a lot of things go your way.

That`s precisely what ‘judge’ #3 and the ‘D`s lawyer did.

To prove to you that these ‘people’ are capable of anything, Debra, that`s her name, filed suit against my daughter, my grandchildren, and my 95 year old mother.

The premise ‘D’ used was, that my 95 year old mother, and daughter, and minor grandchildren, were somehow part of a “fraud”.

You know why ?…….Because I, me, gave them birthday and Christmas gifts !!!!!!!
And because I invested my daughter`s money since she was born, for the last 48 years !!!

Obviously they cannot understand a man caring for his family…..maybe they didn`t have fathers ?

I guess I`m a “bad boy”…….as Lou Costello used to say.

‘Judge’ #3, to his credit, probably because of the harm he caused others in the past, couldn`t let my minor grandchildren, and mom, go through this b******t.

However he let Debra continue her “suit” against my daughter.

Debra`s lawyer however, was not content to let tranquillity reign in the lives of innocent people, she continued to harass my 95 year old mother, and my daughter. as you will see.

They do these types of harassment in the name of, “justice”, and client “interest”.

But the real reason, of course, is to run up legal ‘fees’ !

Stop and think;
They produce nothing, accomplish nothing, spread hate and animosity, and pontificate about how important they are. …How else can they eat ??

See Luke, 11:46

In addition, ‘judge’ #3 said I had to comply with previous court orders concerning the requested financial documents.

In previous installments you learned that I had complied, and complied…..
Don`t forget the approximately 4500 records that an ex ‘lawyer’ of mine, in spite of clear and concise instructions to the contrary, hand delivered the records to ‘D`s lawyer.

So you see, if your NOT AT the “hearing”, you can`t point out these facts…….they ‘win`.

Some racket……. some ‘ethics’ !

‘Judge’ #3 also paved the way for my daughter and my mother to be the subject of depositions.
Depositions that were more like criminal interrogations than civil questions.

You can verify all of this by getting a copy of the ‘court order’ dated 9 May 2014…
docket #FM-18-426-12………….it`s free……

Debra made my 95 year old mom travel 50 miles, (round trip), just to humiliate, and treat her like a common criminal……and of course, to try to coerce me into giving them the money they wanted, but NEVER earned, nor deserved !

Using and harassing a man`s family, including a 95 year old woman, just to try to extort money from me………..
‘Debra knows no boundaries, has no bottom to her behavior, as this and future installments will clearly show.

‘D’ and her team, as you will continue to see throughout this case, always had very interested, and compliant “assistants” to help out…………or so to speak.

Number 10 coming up…………”Napoleonic complex anyone ?”

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