RICO ACT, Anyone……Part 2


Blog # 8 ………Post on 18 January 2018

“RICO ACT, Anyone”…Part 2

As you can see, from the last installment, it was time for this “lawyer” to go.

Throughout March 2014 I tried, in vain, to contact “my” lawyer.

I called him numerous times, yes, I have call logs, he never answered, nor ever called me back.
I mailed him many letters, both to his office, and to his home. I even sent one registered mail !
Even went to his office once looking for him….Must have been on ‘vacation’..

Did he ever have the courtesy to respond to any of this ?

Of course not ! He knew what he did, and didn`t have the courage to face me !

In time I took him to ‘Fee Arbitration”, which got me back some of my money.
They absolutely had no choice after hearing the defense of his actions.

‘Fee Arbitration’, thats another racket run by lawyers for lawyers.

If it was run by working people, I would have gotten all my money back. No doubt about it !

In April, I hired another law firm, from Flemington, NJ.

They assigned a nice, reasonably intelligent, fellow, who, apparently, recently moved to New Jersey from the west coast.

Nice guy, but out of his league. You could see this poor fellow wasn`t used to the way things are done in the Jersey ‘legal’ system.

Unfortunately, I still had to put up with the shenanigans of ‘judge’ # 3 for a while longer.


Unbelievable as it seems, they just do as they please.

Apparently this is the way things are done in Somerset County

My new lawyer, sent e-mails and letters to ‘judge’ #3 explaing the ‘court’s’ failure to notify both himself and me, we were never notified of the motion or the hearing. He even called the ‘judge’s’ clerk and spoke to him about it shortly after the “Contempt” hearing, in May of 2014…….we`re still waiting for an answer !
In my previous installment, #7, in exhibits D, & D-1, you saw ‘judge’ 3`s handiwork…If you missed that installment, it`s well worth going back to it..

You will also see in that installment, this same ‘judge’ “froze” three of my Social Security checks at PNC Bank, and one US Army pension check at Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

This ‘judge’ even had the audacity to cite the Federal and state statutes he was violating……
I referred to the Federal & State Statutes, along with the US Supreme Court ruling in a previous installment…………………Incredible !

This same ‘judge’ reiterated his order of 31 October 2013, stating that I pay for `D`s legal fees and for the forensic search of MY assets, to the sum of $35,072.58.

You will remember from earlier installments how they STOLE THE MONEY from my daughter`s ITF account…….

Remember how, ‘judge’ #1 ordered that each litigant pay their own fees.

Of course that doesn`t matter, these ‘judges’ just change the rules to suit themselves. No different than what any tin horn tyrant would do.

Obviously, with all my assets “frozen”, there could be no way that I could pay this amount of money. (Had they not STOLEN the money already from my daughter`s ITF account)

Fret Not !! For there is a method to their “madness”.

They make it APPEAR that I`m in ‘contempt’ and don`t want to pay, therefore I`m in violation of a “court order”, and continue to use this farce against me to prejudice all further actions against me. With the added “bonus” for ‘D’s lawyer to collect interest from me to the tune of $600.. Plus !……..Got it……I can`t pay the judgment because my assets are ‘frozen’.
They win, you lose !!!

Wait until you see how and what they do to me and my family in the ‘final judgment’ against me later on….

Some racket ! We should all have the opportunity to get away with this crap !

If you think this installment sounds crooked, wait until you read Installment 9, coming up…..

Titled……….”Sh-h, Let us not tell Plaintiff”, again !

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