RICO ACT, Anyone ?


Blog # 7 Post on 11 January 2018

RICO ACT, Anyone ?

This episode with lawyer #3, to some of you with out experience with lawyers, may find it difficult to believe, but every word you read is true, and I can back up every fact with documentation.

This lawyer`s fee was $5000, about the going rate, but he only wanted it in cash….

Made no difference to me at that time how he wanted to get paid, I just wanted some one to straighten out this mess a ‘judge’ made.

It may not seem like a lot of money, but at this point with all my assets and checking account ‘frozen’, I had to borrow the money, as I was forced to do throughout the rest of this ‘abortion’ and beyond.

He and I agreed in the beginning of January 2014, that I should RE-COMPLY with previous court orders, hopefully bringing an end to this issue.

On 24 January 2014, I personally hand carried all of my financial, and property records in a Staples copy paper box, approximately 4500 pages of my records. Having made copies of most of these to meet prior orders, I didn`t think I had to do it again, especially since this lawyer was instructed NEVER to let them out of his sight or mine !

To be fair, about 1000 sheets of the 4500, were supplied to me from the opposition coming from the ‘forensic’ report my ‘D’s lawyer ordered, but my daughter paid for.
Paid for Involuntarily, in case you all forgot that little fact.

I gave this attorney VERY SPECIFIC VERBAL, AND WRITTEN instructions on how the files were to be handled by him, and how they were to be inspected and copied by the opposition.

Past experience with the ‘D`s lawyer, caused me to be very, very, leery of her, and to be quite specific with my lawyer on how the opposition can view and have access to my files !

My instructions were so clear, that to not follow them, would be a deliberate act of insubordination…or worse !

On or about 27 January 2014, ‘my’ lawyer, in spite of ,and in direct violation, of my instructions, hand carried the box of my personal records TO the opposing lawyer, and LEFT them there !!

And that was the last I ever saw of my records !

To this day, 11 January 2017, they are still have not been returned to me.

Next, you will not believe what my ‘lawyer’ did………..

“My lawyer” had, a few weeks earlier, advised me that we had to appear at an “ESP”, (Early Settlement Panel”, as REQUIRED BY LAW !

The date of the “ESP” was 3 February 2014……(see Exhibit B)

As you will see by the documents attached to this installment, what a vile bunch these people are.

The “ESP” was adjourned in 31 January, a’new’ date was supposed to be 18 February. (see exhibit A).

That was canceled on 14 February. (see exhibit C ).

Follow so far.

Look carefully at exhibit D, & D-1, clearly stamped in the upper right hand corner of a court order holding me in “CONTEMPT”, is the date of 3 February 2014 !!

Get it !…….tell me there is going to be NO “ESP” on 3 February, but hold a “contempt” hearing without notifying me of that date so they can STEAL $15,817.30 from me to pay ‘D’s lawyer “legal” fees AND HOLD ME IN “CONTEMPT” so they can split more “fees” later.

Only thing was, they didn`t take it from my account, they STOLE it from my daughter`s ITF account !!………..AGAIN !!!!

See if you can determine how many DIFFERENT handwritings you can find on that court order.

And where did you ever see line outs and scribbling on a court order ??

Here are two other Facts, and they are facts, and I have testimony to them;

1. No court orders leave the court house hand written……….

2. I could not find any official record of the ‘Hearing’.. Nata, None !!!!!!!!

The top of the “legal” food chain in Jersey has a copy of this and more, (and eight unanswered letters), and never did anything about any of it. More about that in a later Posting……….

Blog # 8, (coming soon), will be a continuation of lawyer #3, and ‘judge’ #3. I guarantee, you will be in disbelief…..

Titled ..”Rico Act, Anyone ?”……Part 2

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