Bite the bullet


BLOG 5 Draft Post on 14 Dec 2017

This is the Fifth installment of ‘Divorce New Jersey Style

Having had my faith shaken in our ‘legal’ system, and ‘discretion being the better part of valor’, I decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and hire another lawyer..

This one`s fee was, I believe, a $5000 retainer to start.

Fair enough, but keep that figure in mind.

One of the things ‘judge’ #1 required of me, was to go back to the year 1983 and reconstruct ALL of my financial transactions…..An impossibility of course, but I gave it a try…

During the course of the next few months, in conjunction with my new lawyer, we came up with all my property records, all the bank records that were available, and whatever else I was required to show where it was possible to get these records.

Unfortunately, I was never able to get my ex-wife to be ‘discovered’ during the course of this case……………….Not one attorney I had, consented to ‘discover’ my ex !!
I never understood why my instructions to discover the ex were never followed by any lawyer in my employ, at least not until the “default hearing” many years later. Then ‘wa-la’, I knew…

As was mentioned before, because my name was on the financial documents of the widow, this poor woman became enmeshed with this ‘judge’ made disaster.

It took three months, and tens of hours, and reams of documentation to get her extricated from this mess.
Needless to say a couple of thousands of dollars in”legal” fees.

Fees I paid for. I felt she suffered enough at the hands of these #*&% , who crucified her without cause.

She was removed from the case in August of 2014 by ‘judge’ #2.

As a point of interest, ‘D`s lawyer wrote to my attorney after receiving my bank statements, that she, the lawyer, didn`t know how to read a bank statement, she said they “were convoluted”.
This from a law school graduate……even grammer school kids know how to add and subtract…..

Also I made in writing a substantial offer to my ex to try and end this abortion, her lawyer responded in the negative…………and the ‘legal’ fees kept piling up !

During the normal course of business, I caught my lawyer lying and trying to blame someone else for the lie when confronted.

Needless to say that was the end of that lawyer………….. $2800 of the retainer was returned to me !!!!!!

Tune in to Installment # 6………….introducing ‘judge’ #3…….you won`t believe what you read….

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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